Who is Keanu Reeves

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All About Keanu Reeves

Keanu Charles Reeves is the most humble and kind guy you will find in the Hollywood universe. His co- workers and fans regard him as a kind gentleman. Reeves began his career with not so much success and later with hard work and sheer will rose to prominence as an action star in the 90s. His star rose to new heights with his contemporary role of most feared hitman. He has played guitar and has tried his hand in writing and directing. Reeves is a well known philanthropist and there are several accolades to his name.

Keanu Reeves Net-Worth

Reeves is a very rich guy with a fortune of $360 million. But you will not find any ego of rich guys in him. He is plain and simple as ever.

Keanu Reeves Age

Keanu is a Canadian star born on 2, September, 1964 in Beirut, Lebanon. He is now 56 years old.

Keanu Reeves Religion

He is a private guy who likes to keep a distance between his both public and private life. He has never talked about religion but most people believe he is an atheist.

Keanu Reeves Family

Reeves is what you call a single guy. He has never married and never had children but he had many partners. We know of Jennifer Syme who was with her from 1998 to 2000. Currently he is in a relationship with Alexandra Grant since 2018.

Keanu Reeves Best Movies

Reeves first got his fame from his 90s action movies Speed (1994) and Point Break (1991). Later came his successful film The Devil’s Advocate (1997). He got his superstar status from The Matrix series (1999- 2003), John Wick series (2014- 2019), Constantine (2005) and many more.

Some other questions often asked by people are

What was the first movie Keanu Reeves was in?

His debut film was One Step Away in 1985. Later her got recognition from his action movies.

Is Keanu Reeves a martial artist?

Reeves doesn’t know kung-fu but he does know other martial arts like Brazilian Ju Jujitsu and Judo.

Can Keanu Reeves really surf?

He learned surfing for Point Break (1991) and has till kept himself in practice.

Is Keanu Reeves vegan?

No, he is not a vegan. He actually loves steak.

What is the name of Keanu Reeves new movie?

Reeves is set to appear in latest part of John Wick and also there is rumor of a new sequel of The Matrix series.

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