Notify Your Landlord before Moving Out

by Thomas
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Moving is a task with multifold aspects. You have to take care of a lot of things when you move out of a place to a new place. One of them is to notify your landlord as soon as possible to avoid getting into any type of legal complication and it is courteous too.

If you are moving in Dubai, you can hire some of the professional movers in Dubai. Such movers help you with packing, storing, moving and unpacking.

Notify your landlord as soon as you know you are moving for sure.  Once you know your exact dates you are packing out and know your final day let them know.  This way they have time to find new tenants.  By doing this you will receive a good reference from them.  If you own your own home you will have to contact a real estate agent as soon as possible to try and get a quick sale and go over the possibility of having to rent your house if you cannot sale your house.  If you plan to move back within 3 – 5 years, you may want to just rent your home out.

When you move out of your rental make sure you know what needs to be done ahead of time.  Usually in your lease will be move out conditions.  For instance, in ours, it says that we must hire a professional carpet cleaning and house cleaning company to clean our house.  We have to have receipts to show as proof.  Grass has to mowed and edged and hedges must be trimmed.

If you have painted walls in your rental, you will have to paint them back to the same color it was when you moved in. Make sure you fill in any nail holes in your wall with painter’s putty.  Make sure it is smoothed out and looks good.  Read your lease very carefully so you don’t forget to do something.  Remember, if you want your deposit back, make sure you leave the rental in good condition when you leave.

PacknDash Movers in Dubai provide a quotation and invoicing for your landlord to ease the process of moving out. So, it is good to have invoices for any work that you already have done to the house of your landlord.

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