Norstrat: History, Services

by Thomas

Norstrat history:

It was founded at the end of 2010 by ex- Canadian Armed Forces personnel and civil officials. That is, Norstrat was established to offer strategic consulting services based on the specific requirements of clients and objectives that are relevant to the needs of the marketplace.

Norstrats origins are located in Canadia. It was an unassuming agency with just one office. Since then, it has expanded their offerings across America. United States. It also has a branch in Canada. It is a highly-rated strategic consulting company that has strong ties to the military and the government. Since then, it has developed into a comprehensive communications firm that offers international brands public relations, digital strategy as well as the use of social media for marketing. It is currently trying to expand their operations abroad. or who are looking to discover new markets within their own local market. Norstrat provides its customers with an array of services customized to meet their specific requirements and objectives.

Norstrat services:

It offers a range of communication and consulting services. Norstrats strategic consultants can assist clients in all aspects of building an entirely new brand. Launching a product, or designing and implement strategies to retain customers and attract new customers.

Norstrats strategists’ expertise working in public service. This includes government relations, lobbying and political strategy, as well as management of campaigns. As well as coalition-building, grassroots organizing and media management. Speechwriting, community capacity-building, and consulting for non-profits that have limited resources. Also ethnic communities in the community, and immigrant communities.

The following are Norstrat’s fields of expertise in the four practice groups they have:

  1. Account Planning & Development Services.
  2. Services offered by advertising agencies, which include tools for analysis of market research. Like the Brand Metrics platform of NPD Group. software platform. That measures marketing activities against sales performance. In order to ensure that all stakeholders are aware of the effect on business metrics.
  3. Creative Strategy Development. norstrat utilizes a proprietary Creative Briefing Center as the basis of its creative process. The clients can refine and develop their messages before they are delivered to the strategic partners of norstrat. They will then compose the copy. or create advertising, incorporate branding aspects into materials for marketing and implement multi-channel communication strategies. These include digital, print, social broadcast, outdoor and print.
  4. It has worked with clients in the financial services and healthcare. It also works on pharmaceuticals, consumer goods and retail as well as transportation and logistics.

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