Kylo Ren’s Redemption

by Thomas

The Ultimate antagonist from the “Star Wars Sequel Trilogy” that doesn’t require any introduction. He’s a warmly welcome to all Star Wars fans.

Ben Solo was named after the late Jedi Master, “Obi-Wan-Kanobi,” Who was the master of his famous late Grandfather “Lord Darth Vader.” Kylo Ren was to follow in the footsteps of his father by being enticed toward an Sith Lord’s Dark Side.

We will reveal more information about Kylo Ren’s personality, her background as well as the family tree that traces her path from good to evil and finally to the end. Don’t miss out until the very close as we’ve added a reward for our readers.

Ben Solo the Skywalker | Grandson of Anakin Skywalker

Ben Solo was the grandson of Anakin Skywalker, a.k.a Dark Vader ( liberated as a child slave from Tatooine’s planet) along with the queen Padme Amidala. His father was Hans Solo & Mother, Leia Organa (the daughter of Darth Vader). We know now where the dark powers come to him.

The journey that takes you from The Last of the Jedi to the Jedi Killer

The Star Wars legacy has been an enormous success since the very first film went Public at the time of its release in. The collection that comprises Star War movies tells the viewers the moral tale of the qualities that make a person good, and what it takes to not be right.

It is a fact that Star Wars fans always argue about which villain was the most brutal of all. But, we must agree on one thing: Kylo Ren was among the worst when as compared to all Star wars series.

The question is, What happened that caused Kylro Ren change to Jedi to the murderer of Jedi and then join the dark army?

Many Fans have talked about the fact the possibility that Kylo Ren was following his father’s footsteps in being lured into the dark side of Snoke and also used to communicate with Darth Vader’s final Remains mask.

He was more of an unspoiled teenager than being a villain such as Darth Vader. Many fans refer to him as Ben Solo, trying to mimic the character of his Grandfather in the most unprofessional way that is possible.

Kylo Ren has always felt unloved from his family. Because Leia was able to see her Father’s reflections within Ben Solo thus asked his Uncle Luke Skywalker to train him to become a Jedi.

After being confronted, he knew that his grandfather was Darth Vader.

This information leads him to destroy the Jedi Temple and then assassinate his master Luke Skywalker, kill all the Younglings and his father Hans Solo Before fleeing to the Supreme Chief Snoke and joining the forces of darkness.

Amazing facts regarding Kylo Ren you may have not

  • Kylo Ren isn’t good enough to qualify as Vader 2.0

The fans were hoping for an successor to officially take over Vader’s exiled bloodline, which could result in comparing Vader with Vader’s son.

The end result was that Ben Solo tried so hard but did not keep pace with the darkness. Snoke in his final death scene confessed that he was able to see a dark power that could rule the galaxy , however he could be mistaken.

  • A problem with Red Kylo’s lightsaber

The Lightsaber is not a natural red hue, which represents the Sith. So, in order to transform the color to red it is necessary for the Kyber Crystal is required to be bled by its owner’s evil, hatred and insanity.

Kylo Ren’s insecurity about his tough Darkside with a myriad of complications, led Kylo Ren to break and crack Kylo Ren’s Kyber crystal. This led to a rage to both the sides, in a crossedguard fashion.

  • Leader Snoke & Kylo Ren

It was expected that there would be the casual Master-trainer relation with Snoke as well as Kylo Ren because it was all set to become Kylo Ren’s next Dark Lord in line. But, Snoke never initiated to teach him the correct way to fight dark forces , instead he tried to get him to follow the legacy of his grandfather.

  • Kylo Ren’s Redemption

There was a distinct certainty about Kylo Ren’s redemption , as Kylo Ren had always doubted himself going down the dark path in an attempt to block his Inner True Jedi, trying to achieve a worthwhile journey by dedicating his his life to his Grandfather.

What was the reason Kylo Ren’s Redeem return as Jedi was even questioned? Although he had committed a lot of Brutal acts , they weren’t anything compared to the fury of Darth Vader.

The secret behind Kylo Ren’s Jacket, Crossguard lightsaber & Mask

Kylo Ren’s fan base and Expert have conducted a thorough analysis of the elements that makes his character different from all, and also awe-inspiring throughout the film, despite complex, insecure and unsure.

“The ultimate pitch dark Kyloren Jacket, the Significant Crossguard saber and the Voice-altering Mask have created his character to be distinctive and stand out from other characters from the series.

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