How to get a more defined body with food

by Thomas

In order to turned body into a good shape of a healthy and balanced body, we need to provide our body enough energies, nutrients and proteins. By knowing how to choose, with weight and measure, between good and bad food. Check out below some simple tips will help you achieve an excellent result:

“Eat breakfast like a king.”

Preparing a king breakfast does not mean eating in large quantities, without any quality criteria. You should focus on the right foods that have benefit to your health. Complex carbohydrates (whole wheat bread, oat flakes), dairy proteins, seeds and dried fruits and of course, fruits are some examples of what should be listed on the breakfast table.


 – Do not stop eating carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates are the fuel of the body. They provide energy for essential activities such as locomotion. However, it is necessary to select the carbohydrates we consume. We should consume foods rich in starch and fiber. Whole wheat bread, whole wheat pasta, whole grains, potatoes, and cassava are examples of carbohydrates that should be consumed in moderation. In this list we can still add fruits and vegetables, which although most people tend to forget that they also have carbohydrates.

 – Do not stop eating good fats.

They provide energy to the body in case of lack of carbohydrates; Help in the absorption of vitamins A, D, E, and K; Help maintain proper body temperature, and act as protection for organs such as the brain, heart, bones, nerves, and tissues in the event of falls, trauma or impact. Good fats that should be ingested are monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. Some of the foods rich in good fats are: avocado, fish, almonds, nuts, pistachios, flax seeds and chia, olive oil, among others.

– Eat protein at all meals.

Proteins contribute to the formation of muscles, strengthen the immune system and are the basis of many functions of the nervous system. Proteins are mainly found in dairy products, eggs and meats. We can also consume vegetable protein in legumes like soybeans, peas and beans.

 – Food supplements.

Sometimes food can be aided by dietary supplements, such as creatine. Creatine is present in the flesh, however it would be necessary to ingest large amounts to obtain the amount of creatine we need. It helps the body tone and build muscle, and provides energy during the practice of daily and sporting activities. Food supplements are also a great option for vegetarians.

 – Drink a lot of water.

This tip is so obvious that it is sometimes overlooked. Water detoxifies the body, regulates the functions of the body, hydrates skins and hair, avoids kidney stones, controls satiety, among other benefits. According to nutritionist drinking water daily in the ideal amount is vital for health and a powerful weapon against cellulite; In the disguise of wrinkles; In reducing fluid retention / swelling (improvement in circulation prevents the body from retaining sodium, responsible for swelling); And even helps in weight loss since it aids in the digestion process and improves constipation, and increase the feeling of satiety if ingested before and between meals.

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 – Make several meals instead of 3 main heavy meals.

It is preferable to make 4 to 6 meals throughout the day, well dosed, than to only make 3 heavy meals. Well dosed means that it is not necessary to starve to lose weight. On the contrary, the habit of remaining several hours without eating is contraindicated for any diet. Without a frequent diet, the body (as a defense mechanism) reduces metabolism and triggers fat conservation. That is, when we return to eating, the body will absorb unnecessary fat foods.

 -Forbidden foods if you want to turn your body into good shape

Soft drinks

Processed food


White bread; and Fast-food (Junk Food)

Just following these rules and your body will maintain a good functioning. The balance of energy, between what is consumed and what is spent, will always be balanced. In addition, all energy expended with exercise will be properly managed and used by your body.

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