Five excellent drone-related blogs you should follow

by Thomas
Top Blogs you should follow

Drones are an unquestionably popular topic, and there is plenty of top-quality UAV blogs on the web. Here at SmartPlanes we are driven by a fervent love for drones and consider it essential be aware of current technologies and trends. So we’ve compiled five drone-related blogs that we believe are excellent sources for finding industry-related news and articles.

If you’re a drone expert or just a beginner exploring the expanding UAV industry We hope that these blogs can offer you motivation as well as the information you require to stay informed.

1. Drones Pedia


Drones Pedia is widely regarded as one of the most well-known blogs in the field. They publish quality content on industry news, video releases for products, YouTube drone stories, and legal precedents – you can think of it!

2. sUAS News


sUAS News is among the top sources of news and information for UAVs. It was first created and compiled by UAS pilots and experts. It is often regarded as the most reliable source of news for small UAV enthusiasts as well as professionals.

3. Unmanned Systems Technology


Unmanned Systems Technology (UST) offers the most up-to-date information on technological advancements within the UAV field. This is an excellent to read for those who are curious about how technology is developing and what’s going on. Apart from providing industry news as well as providing information, they aim to aid pilots to locate companies that offer e.g. unmanned systems and software , and they also have an entire news section that focuses specifically on the air vehicle (UAV/UAS/RPAS).

4. Droneblog


Looking for a fantastic spot to stay up to date on everything drone-related and UAV-related? Visit the Droneblog! They cover a broad range of subjects and draw authors from different backgrounds to offer opinions and tips. They also accept contributions from contributors If you have something you want to share with the public it could be your chance to be famous for five minutes.

5. UAV Coach


The UAV Coach blog hosts everything from industry news to reviews and tips that cover topics like drone laws as well as insurance, ways to become certified and even learning flying. Because of the active forums for the community It has quickly morphed to become one of the most well-known drone communities on the internet (with over 35,000 drone owners – exactly like me and you!)

It’s worth noting that this list isn’t organized – each blog is fascinating in their own way. Also, it’s certainly not comprehensive. If you’ve got a favorite site to go to for drone-related articles and news Feel free to leave an update and inform us!

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