Design Basics & Multipurpose Home Theaters

by Thomas
Design & Basics

While it might not be the first thing anyone thinks of when they hear the phrase home theater, our dedicated theaters can accommodate a variety of activities in addition to watching movies. Whether it’s the kid’s play or a business presentation home theaters can easily serve multiple purposes, however getting the most out your room takes some preparation.

Starting with the kid’s plays, if you’re going to build a stage then by all means build a stage and do it right, if not don’t bother. Too often I see these half-stages or lips as I like to call them, which really wind up being more of an obstacle than a place to perform or address the audience in your home theater.

As far as presentations go, simply put if your presentation involves a power point display, you’ll want to make sure you have some way of connecting your laptop to the display/projector.  If your laptop has a VGA out, you’ll want to run the proper cable ahead of time and likewise for an s-video out. Some business projectors have the ability to display networked video but this hasn’t been widely adopted for consumer projectors as yet. However, your projector will likely work best with your iptv uk. Moreover, with the range offered by iptv uk, you can get the most our of your home theater.

Home Theater Design Basics

One of (if not) the most important design considerations for a dedicated home theater is choosing the right location, assuming you have a choice of rooms and or areas beforehand, you’ll want to pick a room that you have control over certain variables. Number one and most importantly you’ll want to pick a room you can control the light in and by control, I mean make dark in the middle of the day, now I don’t mean pitch black can’t see your hand in front of your face dark but certainly dark enough as to not have ambient light hit the viewing surface.

Another consideration is well, the consideration of others, you may want to pick a room that’s somewhat insulated from the rest of the home for noise consideration, that is the noise both coming from and entering the home theater. Lastly and this is one of the most overlooked considerations is climate control, many rooms (basements in particular) don’t have adequate heating and or cooling capabilities to offer a comfortable environment at either of the extremes, this is worth considering before you choose which room, you’ll use for your home theater.

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