Cons Of Giving Your Kids Electronic Gadgets

by Thomas
Gadgets Cons

Giving kids toys is quickly becoming a norm in many societies. In America parents opt to give their kids smartphones while there are still very young. Despite the fact that this maybe a sign that you love your kids, reports do suggest that giving your toddlers toys can be very dangerous and thus it is highly recommended that parents stay in control when it comes to how kids use electronics gadgets. In this article, I will be sharing with you some of the cons of giving gadgets to your kids.


Kids being distracted can easily be a thing thanks to kids electronic gadgets. As mentioned earlier, parents are advised to oversee how their kids use the electronic gadgets they bought for them. In addition to that kids might end up having emotional numbness, anxiety as well as be disoriented in an event that they stay in front of their electronic gadgets, for instance smartphone, for long hours. Lastly getting your kids electronic gadgets and then failing to monitor how frequent they use it might result into your kid addicted technologically.

Cyber Bullying

This is arguably one of the worst con of getting your kid electronic gadgets. Once you purchase that electronic gadget for your kids he/she might be a victim of cyberbullying, an act that is quickly shaping up due t presence of social media. According to research that was conducted by DoSomething.Org, it was revealed that a staggering 43 % of all kids in America were bullied online.

Sexual Predators

Over the past few years there has been an increase in the number of girls who are being sexually abused and according to various reports all this is due to sexual predators who have now changed their tactics and are going online so as to get their next victims. That said it is advised that you play lots of attention on what your kid does. 

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