Buying Native Apple Trees

by Thomas
Native Trees

The next time you see apple or fruit trees for sale, you should ask yourself where the plant stock comes from.

Many garden centres in the UK buy plants and trees from abroad.

The truth is that many of the plants we buy when pop down to the garden centre, are imported from abroad. Although the practice keeps costs down, it does not help to support British growers. Leading growers such as Chris Bowers and Sons often struggle to compete when it comes to pricing. However, if you buy direct, you will save money. You will also discover there are more exciting varieties on offer.

Support British Growers

Next time you see fruit trees for sale, think about if you are supporting British growers. The best apple trees in the UK are native fruit trees. When you buy one, not only are you supporting UK growers. More often than not you are also supporting British apple tree varieties.

Did you know that the British Isles used to be packed with exciting varieties of apple trees and other fruit trees? Unfortunately, due to cheap imports, we have lost many of them.
Yes, it is okay to have cheap fruit trees in your garden, but it is also nice to say that you are supporting British growers.

Secondly, supporting what is now known as Heritage apple trees gives you bragging rights as a gardener. Many of the varieties of apple trees we see in gardens today, would not be growing there if it was not for gardeners such as you.

They Taste Nice

There is also another reason you should buy the best apple trees in the UK. Most gardeners who grow native British apple trees say that the apples they produce taste better. It is true – there is something special about British apples. When it comes to flavour, they really do pack a punch.

Compared to fruit trees and other crops imported from abroad, they are also much more resilient as far as disease is concerned. That is another factor that you should keep in mind before you go ahead and buy any fruit tree. Having a native apple tree or another fruit tree in your garden often means less maintenance and better fruit.

In Conclusion

The truth is that we should all be doing more to look after native plant and tree species. Often, at the same time you are doing so, you are also helping to support local and native producers of Heritage fruit trees.

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