Best Fishtail Braids for Long and Straight Hair

by Thomas
Tips for Long and Straight Hair

19. Fishtail hairstyles that will dazzle your friends

Fishtail hairstyles are all the rage these days. Although they have been around for an eternity, I first found out about them while studying in California. All the hipsters and cooler girls would tie their hair up this way. What’s cool is that there are many variations that fishtail plaits can take. You can braid short ones while letting the rest of your hair loose or you can go Viking queen and tie it up really thick.

1. Marine Blue with purple color

If you like wearing loose hair, this style is ideal for you. Provided the hair has been dyed, you can get this braid done or removed in a few minutes – even by yourself, so you won’t have to spend extra time and money in a salon. This thin fishtail plait on neon blue hair looks too cool. Just a simple braid going down the middle of otherwise loose hair. The blue and purple colors may be a bit odd for formal occasions though.

2. Short and thick

If you would like to wear a short and thick fishtail braid, I suggest that you try this style. You may need an elastic band to hold the braid but the other parts need to be free and loose.  If you do not want to use a hair band, you can tie a small knot at the furthest end. This style is suitable for you if you are a woman that prefers simple hairstyles.

3. Balayage fishtail braid hairstyle

If you don’t like wearing loose open hair and need a big braid, this fishtail hairstyle will be ideal for you. One of its advantages is that it holds your hair intact with ease, the only thing you that may need is a hair band to tie the hair at the end so that it does not untwist. The style is relatively easy to wear – you can make the braid on your own if you have some experience. Fishtail hairstyles look particularly great on hair with highlights. This girl has got it right as her balayage looks awesome through the woven strands of her fishtail braid.

4. Messy fishtail braid

Even if you don’t have long or thick enough hair you could do a messy fishtail braid with hair extensions for added volume. This style is perfect for you if you have long hair and would like to wear a complete fishtail. You may need some assistance to wear it if you are not good at making your own hair. The good news is you can remove the style at any time you want without the help of a salon stylist. You may need a hair band to tie the braid up so that it does not untwist.

5. Using ash blonde extensions

This style is for ladies with long hair that prefer wearing an effortless hairstyle. If you are an office lady it may not be appropriate to wear this style during workdays, but the good thing is that it is easy to wear and remove.  The cost of wearing this hairstyle is low because you may even make the braid by yourself. The good thing with this style is that it does not require much of your time or money to make. Obviously, this is the ultimate hairstyle for the beach. Salty hair looks great when it’s braided up

6. Tidy fishtail braids

If you like making your own hair, I am sure you will enjoy making the braid on your own in front of mirrors. You may tie the hair at the lowest end using a hair band, or simply tie a knot to prevent it from untwisting. Since it does not require any special items to make, you will realize that the cost of wearing and maintaining this style is quite low. You can also look super tidy for school by making the braid really thin. This looks extra nice if you or your little girl have long hair.

7. French style with soft waves

If you prefer wearing a loose hair bun and down dos that catch attention, this is definitely for you! You don’t need elastic bands or hair clips to hold the hair together. As well you can remove the fishtail pony at any time and wear a hairstyle of your choice whenever you want. I love this variation because it just shows how many options you have. The fishtail is flat and thick and complements the loose wavy hair.

8. High fishtail ponytail

This style will be appropriate for you only if you would like to get a unique look that will make you stand out. Unless you are experienced at making your own hair, there is a low likelihood that you will be able to make this pony hairstyle on your own. However, removing the pony is so elementary that you can do it right at home without any help. One advantage of this style is tidiness because it holds the hair together neatly. If you are going out partying or to a more formal occasion where you will be wearing a gown you might consider a high fishtail braid like the model below

9. One side messy fishtail plait

This is an easy modification of the fishtail braid, suitable for ladies who prefer standing apart from the rest. The simple modification makes it look very unique. Although this style may not be appropriate for you if you are an office lady, the good thing is that it is simple to wear and remove so you can get it done during your off days, and remove it when you intend to get back to work. Wear it to the side with pride! This side-swept hairstyle looks great.

10. Rainbow mermaid style

This mermaid hairstyle is suitable for ladies that love wearing colored outfits. If you are not a fan of hair dye then this style is not for you. However, you may add colored extensions to your hair if you don’t like dyeing it. To avoid color crashing, be careful with the color of your outfit while wearing this style! This hair may require regular maintenance. Go hippie and dye your hair wild colors and braid it up to get that happy-go-lucky look.

11. Blue-purple half up half down

You need to dye your hair purple-blue before wearing this ponytail. Provided the hair is dyed, you don’t necessarily need to visit a salon to get the pony done or removed as this is pretty easy to do. While wearing this hairstyle you have to be careful while dressing up to avoid color clashing. I love this because again it showcases the variation in highlights and texture.

12. Messy & twisted

If you are running out of ideas for wearing a messy and twisted hairstyle, try this style. You must grow long hair to wear it; otherwise, you will have to add extensions or wait for it to grow long. This style may not suitable for some formal occasions, so consider wearing it during off days or holidays. One advantage of wearing it is the ease of maintenance. So go for that Scandinavian Viking look.

13. Loose French style with red strands

Do you want to wear a beautiful odd looking fishtail that will make you stand out? Then I suggest trying this one out, but you will need to visit a salon to get it done. The red strands improve the appearance of your hair and also hold it nicely in position. This is strictly an informal hairstyle, suitable for occasions such as house parties, night outs, and clubbing.

14. Dutch braid with knots

If you want to wear a small unique braid why not try out this one? The braid has knots to hold it firmly and doesn’t require any claw clips or bands. You don’t have to keep redoing it because it can stay intact for several days without untwisting. The cost of wearing and maintaining this style is quite low, you only need to wash, and apply hair shampoo and spray.

15. French fishtail braid

If you need a big tidy braid this style is a great idea for you. It is suitable for both the office and casual ladies – with a few exceptions, so wear it with confidence. You may tie a knot at the end of the braid or use a small hair band to hold it, otherwise, it will untwist and you will have to keep redoing it. Other than the braid, you don’t have to give your hair any other special treatment.

16. Woven Dutch braid

This thick fishtail braid with purple highlights looks great. A small braid is interwoven in the middle. If you are a woman that prefers a unique look, I suggest that you wear this braid. Making this braid takes more time than an ordinary one because it comprises two types of braids. Since it has some aspects of purple, you should cautiously choose the color of your outfit to avoid color clashing. Just like the other braids, you can remove them at any time to wear another style.

17. Low fishtail updo hairstyle

If you have grown long hair this is another simple but great hairstyle that you should try out. You may need hair clips to hold the hair in place, but don’t necessarily need hair bands to hold the fishtail in place. This style matches well with both casual and official attires so you won’t have to keep changing your hairstyle to suit the occasions you attend.

18. Basket woven

Have you ever imagined getting a creative hairstyle such as getting your hair woven like a basket? Well, this hairstyle will transform your imagination into a reality by getting some of your hair woven up like a basket, and making a fishtail pony out of some. You will need special skills to weave it up or visit your salon to get it done, but as usual, you don’t necessarily need any special skills to remove it.

19. Dutch mermaid braid

If you are a woman who loves being colorful, I suggest that you try wearing this hairstyle. You will need a dye to color your hair or add colored extensions before creating the fishtail. This means you will need to visit your salon to get it done. As well you will have to spend some extra cash for the dyes or extensions, and spend more time at your salon.

All in all, fishtail braids can look great and there are so many variations to choose from to get it done perfectly. If you enjoyed this post, you might also want to check out our section on French braids or see other hairstyles that would suit Indian women.

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