7 Natural Acne Tips to Quickly Get Rid of it

by Thomas
Get Rid to Acne

Acne is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, skin curse. We have all been victims of the emergence of a devastating and glaring red spot on our face the night before the most important day of our lives. Acne and pimples can really impact self-confidence and demoralize as well while the pain they can bring is another matter altogether. However, there is nothing to despair about! After years of humans fighting off the menace which we all call acne, quick solutions to the problems have finally been found.

Here are Some Acne Tips which can Help You Get Rid of the Annoying Red Spots within Days.

Go for a Swim

Swimming can really help with acne as the chlorine in the water can dry the skin completely. Once your skin would dry out, the acne would peel off as well. However, you must make sure that you use a moisturizer on other parts of your skin and a conditioner for your hair in order to ensure that the rest of your body won’t suffer the hazards of being exposed to chlorine water.

Use Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has to be the ultimate skin solution. It is mostly used for cooling the skin and taking the heat out of it but it is also very useful in taking the life out of the acne spots by minimizing the inflammation caused by them.

Use Ice

It’s one natural solution that is very under used. Ice improves blood circulation to the region where it is applied while also freezing the skin pores. As a result, it minimizes the inflammation being caused by the acne while brings instant relief as well from the throbbing pain that emanates from the area around the acne. You would be best advised to crush the ice and then wrap up the crushed ice in a clean cloth before applying it over the acne spot.

Paste Using Aspirin

Aspirin has to be one of the most useful drugs ever made. Not only is aspirin extremely great at putting an end to your head-aches, the drug can prove useful in getting rid of acne as well. In order to make use of aspirin to get rid of acne, you should make mixture of the drug with water. Once the mixture takes the form of a thick paste, you should apply it over the acne spot. Once the paste hardens and starts to fall down, you should remove the paste entirely using a wet piece of cloth.

Paste Using Baking Soda

Baking soda is another good option and is especially recommended for people who have sensitive skin. A baking soda paste consists of baking soda along with either lemon juice or water in a small quantity. Since baking soda can dry the skin pretty quickly, you should not leave the paste on your skin for long and should wipe it off after a few minutes at best. Repeating the process twice or thrice should bring quick results.

Cool it with Cucumber

Cucumber is an excellent anti-inflammatory agent and its anti-inflammatory action is utilized to great effect for dealing with puffy eyes. To apply cucumber on your acne spot, you should cut it down into finely cut pieces and then make a paste out of it using lemon water. To get the best results, keep the paste applied over the acne spot for around 10-15 minutes before wiping it off.

Don’t Pop it!

That’s the first thing that comes to mind and it seems a good solution at first too. However, you must resist the urge of popping the acne spot. This is because popping the acne spot would prove a counter-productive move and inflame the region surrounding it as well. Moreover, if you would pop the pimple, the bacteria which caused it would get space to move around and pimples would start appearing all over your facial skin. So, whatever you do, never pop a pimple

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