Our Story of Waffles & Love

Hi We’re Mike, Richard & ColinWe’re three guys who love making good food and serving it out of small, vintage mobile living spaces.  While we’d love to make you anything, if you come to our trailer you are going to get the best waffle with the most creative combinations of toppings you have ever eaten.

Saturdays Waffle Opening Day

Facts About Us

  • We all have other jobs and started this little business to express our creative side…and to get girls.  Just don’t tell our wives.
  • Richard is a Griffin but an avid Ute fan Colin is a Ute and Mike is a Cougar…and we all get along.
  • Current Favorite Spotify Playlists:Colin and Richard are gun enthusiasts.  Mike leaves his phone everywhere, too afraid he would do that with a firearm.
    • Richard – Limp Biskit
    • Colin – Disney Movie Soundtracks (He blames his kid, a little too defensively I may add)
    • Mike – Whatever sparkleboy92 a 20 year old club kid is listening to (He really needs to act his age, it’s embarrassing…seriously embarrassing)
    • If they’re together they’re probably listening to Mumford & Sons or Macklemore
  • Colin & Mike could give you a rough synopsis of almost every episode of TopGear UK.  Richard could do it with Duck Dynasty.
  • Richard – Rib Eye;  Mike – New York Strip;  Colin – New York Strip