Saturdays Waffle Website

Our New Website is Launching

We changed our Website, what do you think of the update?


  1. Ms. Erni says:

    Simple site and delicious waffle picture.. hmmm nyammi… jan uenak… I wish I can eat this waffle in Indonesia. Wish u all the best

  2. Quinn Smith says:

    Today, March 23, in the middle of a freak blizzard (thank you Utah “Springtime”) sits the most glorious silver trailer that has ever existed. Filled with delicious smells and bumpin’ music, Saturday’s Waffle makes my day by serving me a delicious, love-filled waffle with fresh ingredients and steaming coffee. Their friendly staff are quick and helpful, recommending exactly what I didn’t even know I wanted. Now all I need is “Frequent Waffler” card.. Seriously.

  3. Kris Crayk says:

    4/6/2013 First time at the trailor today. The cinnamon suryp is unbelievable. Need to get double helping next time if available. Definetly the best waffle ever !!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait until next Saturday .

    Lifetime Customer
    Kris Crayk

  4. Amber says:

    I think the website is adorable. I only wish it said what hours you would be open at the parking lot on Saturdays.

  5. Cathy says:

    Saturday’s Waffle came and catered an event on the SLCC campus. We tried the waffles and immediately looked them up to see where we could get more. AMAZING waffles! I’m so glad I was able to try it! I’ll be heading up to Holladay next Saturday.

    • M L says:


      Thanks for your nice comment. I’m so glad you enjoyed your waffle!

      We love working with SLCC, in fact we get to do a student event coming up soon.

      Plus, I’m extra grateful to SLCC. . . my wife is adjunct faculty we feel like we’re part of the big happy family!


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